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David Schweikert betrayed our trust by putting himself and his partisan interests ahead of us.



Dr. Hiral Tipirneni has dedicated her life to serving her community, solving problems, and improving lives. She’s served the Phoenix area for more than 20 years as an emergency room physician, cancer research advocate and, most recently, on the board of directors of the Maricopa Health Foundation, which supports the county’s public health care delivery system.

Hiral came to America from India with her family at the age of three. Her parents were seeking the American dream because they knew the United States was a place where, if you worked hard and lived by the rules of democracy, you could be successful no matter where you came from.

Her family struggled at first, but Hiral’s father eventually secured a job in his field of structural engineering in Ohio, where she and her brother were raised in a working-class suburb of Cleveland. Hiral’s mother, a social worker, was the director of a downtown Cleveland senior center and initiated its Meals on Wheels program. Hiral often accompanied her mother, and it was then she began to feel the tremendous impact small acts of service can have on another person.

Following a childhood illness, Hiral was inspired to learn more about medicine and, after graduating from public school, she eventually earned her medical degree through an accelerated, competitive program at Northeast Ohio Medical University. A passionate problem-solver who thrives on working with a team, Hiral chose to pursue emergency medicine because of the wide variety of challenges it presented, and it allowed her to be the first point of contact for patients.

Hiral met her husband, Dr. Kishore Tipirneni, during her first year of medical school. After she served as Chief Resident of the University of Michigan’s Emergency Medicine program, Hiral and Kishore looked for a place they could settle down, practice medicine, and begin raising a family. They sought somewhere that reflected the Midwestern values they both learned growing up. They chose Phoenix.

Kishore joined a well-established orthopedic surgery practice and Hiral began working in the emergency department at Banner Good Samaritan downtown. She went on to serve in emergency departments at the Maricopa County Medical Center, Banner Thunderbird, and Abrazo Arrowhead hospitals – all while raising their three children in the Arrowhead community.

After losing her mother and nephew to cancer, Hiral directed her passion and problem-solving skills to evaluating and directing funding for cutting-edge cancer research. She now leads teams of researchers, clinicians, and patient advocates in the fight to treat and cure breast cancer, prostate cancer, and childhood leukemia.

Always invested in strengthening her community and improving its quality of life, Hiral initiated and was the lead organizer for a TEDx event about effecting positive change in the Northwest Valley. She also serves on a number of nonprofit boards of directors. Now, Hiral is running for Congress to take on Washington insiders and continue using her problem-solving, team-oriented approach to work with Republicans and Democrats alike to get the results we need.

Expanding Medicare to allow anyone to buy into the system is a great place to start so that access to affordable, quality care that covers pre-existing conditions is guaranteed. Hiral’s healthcare plan envisions expanding choice in healthcare and allowing free-market forces to drive down costs.

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Our federal tax code, particularly for families and small businesses, must be simplified. We must expand workforce training programs so businesses, large and small, can bring good-paying jobs to our communities.

We must also find a way to ensure access to affordable childcare so that families can get ahead.

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Congress must protect the Social Security and Medicare benefits that retirees have worked a lifetime to earn.  They are earned benefits and not entitlements and should never be cut or taken away.

The VA (U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs) must be held accountable to reduce wait times and improve care for all our veterans.

Opportunities for our children must be strengthened by investing in quality public schools in every zip code. We must remain vigilant against efforts to erode or undermine our public schools, long-standing cornerstones of America’s success.

Furthermore, both traditional college as well as career and technical education must be more affordable to reduce the burden of student loan debt.

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Protecting taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars is key to helping keep government accountable to the people, and that includes reducing the influence of Washington special interests that work against the public interest.

Congress should also continue to increase transparency, and prevent members of Congress from wasting tax dollars on personal benefits like first-class airfare.

We ALL deserve an accountable immigration system providing a clear, affordable path to citizenship for those who qualify and have earned it. We also need secure borders. These two ideas area not mutually exclusive, and money for “the wall” would be better spent on other border security measures.

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I support Second Amendment rights overall for law-abiding Americans to obtain firearms through legal channels to protect their homes, themselves and their families, and for hunting and sport. America is the only industrialized nation with our degree of gun violence, and we should address it as a public health issue. The U.S. has a history of using data-driven policies to make us safer – seat belts, child car seats, airbags. We must find a path for both the 2nd Amendment and commonsense gun safety reform.

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I fervently believe our elected representatives should support policies reflecting clearly established women’s reproductive health rights. In short, abortions should stay safe, and legal. And, for the record, no one is “pro-abortion” – one is essentially either pro-choice or anti-choice.

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For the Internet to remain free and open, the U.S. must support net neutrality. That is why I support policies that maintain a level Internet playing field and protect our personal freedoms, as well as nurture America’s competitiveness and innovative spirit.

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The question is not whether the climate is changing, it’s what are we going to do about it? Arizona is ideally situated to become part of the solution. We have the potential to become an epicenter for renewable energy and clean jobs. We need to invest in protecting our planet and ourselves. That includes a pragmatic approach to reasonable regulations on pollutants as well as market-based solutions like “carbon credits,” and – especially here in Arizona – investment in proven alternative energy, like solar power. There is no “Plan-et B,” so let’s protect the one we’ve got.

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Our country was founded on the ideal that all people are created equal. We must ensure that our LGBTQ+ communities are afforded all the rights and privileges any other member of our society is granted. No American should face discriminatory practices based on race, gender identity, religion, sexuality, or any other immutable characteristic. I have always been fully committed to fighting to see the day that all of our LBGTQ+ friends, families, and community members can live a life free of hate, prejudice, imposed restrictions, and discrimination.

Whether in schools, the workplace, the military, housing, public accommodation, or in the eyes of the law, all Americans must be free to live their lives safely and authentically – as they are meant to be and loving who they choose to love. In Congress, I will always work to uphold that principle, which should start by fully passing the Equality Act into law.

And in my most important role as a parent of a LGBTQ+ young adult, I am not just an ally in this fight, I am proud to be a vested stakeholder.

Racial Justice

Hiral believes it is our duty as a nation to address the systemic racism and generations of inequities and discrimination that have held back our Black and Brown communities. This includes not only reforming our criminal justice system to end racial profiling, discriminatory policing, and police brutality, but broader initiatives that work toward a level playing field that ensures equal economic and educational opportunity, access to quality and affordable housing, eliminating health disparities, and so many other critical issues.

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Solving Problems and Improving Lives

I believe in solving problems and improving lives, which is all about people, not partisanship. That’s what I did in the emergency room, and I’m running for Congress to do the same.




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