Net Neutrality 2019-11-14T14:35:46-07:00

For the Internet to remain free and open, the U.S. must support net neutrality. That is why I support policies that maintain a level Internet playing field and protect our personal freedoms, as well as nurture America’s competitiveness and innovative spirit. We simply cannot promote rules which allow “speed bumps” or “fast lanes” to play favorites with what we watch, read, or purchase by influencing how we access all that information.

Furthermore, without net neutrality, we simply cannot ensure a society in which there is true broadband equality throughout our communities. As the Internet has become more like a utility – for example, we all use water and electricity – this equality is so important to adequate access for everyday activities, like academic work, economic opportunities from e-commerce to job applications, and even the delivery of healthcare, particularly for more rural areas or to tap into expertise over long distances. Net neutrality is also key to the widespread delivery of essential high-speed broadband, which is increasingly key to our communities as we share larger and larger amounts of data.