Racial Justice 2020-07-20T14:07:52-07:00

Hiral believes it is our duty as a nation to address the systemic racism and generations of inequities and discrimination that have held back our Black and Brown communities. This includes not only reforming our criminal justice system to end racial profiling, discriminatory policing, and police brutality, but broader initiatives that work toward a level playing field that ensures equal economic and educational opportunity, access to quality and affordable housing, eliminating health disparities, and so many other critical issues.

Law enforcement reforms will not only lead to better public safety, but will keep police themselves safer. By building a partnership based on mutual trust and respect between communities and law enforcement, we make communities safer, make law enforcement more effective at fighting crime with the community’s help, and make law enforcement’s job less dangerous as well. This benefits everyone.

Similarly, ensuring that Black and Brown Arizonans have an equal shot at quality education, a good-paying job, affordable housing, and effective healthcare is a long overdue fulfillment of the values on which this country was founded and will strengthen all of our communities.

  • Ensure equal access to credit for small businesses in underserved areas to help them grow, and stamp out illegal and discriminatory banking practices
  • Fight for effective investments in affordable housing in underserved communities, and focus efforts toreduce disparities in home ownership
  • Boost Title 1 funding to improve our public schools so that every child has an equal shot at an outstanding K-12 education, while expanding career and technical education opportunities as well as ensuring affordable accessibility to community colleges and 4-yr universities
  • Stabilize and strengthenthe Affordable Care Act, protect key provisions such as pre-existing condition coverage, and create a public option that allows anyone to buy into a Medicare-like plan so all Arizonans have access to quality and affordable healthcare
  • Ensure quality health care options in all our communities, including addressing disparities in healthcare delivery as well as investing in Federally Qualified Health Centers to boost care in underserved areas
  • Push all police departments to adopt and fully utilize body cameras funded through federal grants
  • Transition to community policing where officers are a part of the community to build mutual respect andtrust
  • Require better training in appropriateuse of force and critical de-escalation tactics
  • Develop and implement an adjunctive social resources/mental health team to be deployed in non-criminal situations
  • Ban chokeholds
  • Incentivize increased oversight measures, including community representation and citizen review boards