Republicans for Hiral 2018-10-16T07:06:14-07:00

When we started our campaign in July 2017, it was always about solving problems and improving lives, something I’ve done my entire career. I’m a proud, lifelong Democrat, but running for Congress was never simply about the “D” or the “R” behind someone’s name.

It was always about finding common ground to move our great nation forward, putting people before politics, democracy before dollars, and country before party.

Support from Republican and Independent voters in the April 2018 Special Election was key to closing a 21-point partisan gap to less than five points, and I remain honored by the bipartisan support from friends, neighbors, and community members. Don’t just take my word for it, watch for yourselves…

“If everyone in the 8th District could spend an hour with Hiral Tipirneni, she would win in a landslide.  She’s smart, independent, articulate and understands the complexities of important issues. In other words, she is just what our country needs in Congress.”    – Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods (R)

The only way we can break the gridlock in Washington is by electing people to Congress who will bring folks together to work on ideas from across the political spectrum. That’s what I would do in Congress, from my fiscally conservative healthcare plan to 2nd Amendment rights, from border security to retirement security.  You can read more about my positions here.

Let’s take our country back from the special interests. I would appreciate your support and your vote.