Women’s Reproductive Health Rights 2019-11-14T14:39:14-07:00

I fervently believe our elected representatives should support policies reflecting clearly established women’s reproductive health rights.

In short, abortions should stay safe, and legal. And, for the record, no one is “pro-abortion” – one is essentially either pro-choice or anti-choice.

The heart-wrenching, deeply personal decision to end a pregnancy should be between a woman, her partner, her doctor, and her faith. There is no role for politicians in that decision. We cannot go back to the days, which are not so far in the past, of coat-hanger abortions and women bleeding to death in alleys. In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court has set clear precedent in the “law of the land,” and policy decisions should be in accordance with that principle.

It should also be noted that late-term terminations, which can be particularly traumatic, are less than 1% of all terminations, and only done in cases of risk to the mother’s health or life-threatening developmental issues with the fetus.

Of course, avoiding an unwanted pregnancy is the BEST way to reduce the number of terminations. Data has definitively shown that abortion rates drop when there is simple access to contraception and sex-education. We should have comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education in the classroom and ensure unhindered access to effective contraception.

Women’s reproductive health is an issue of civil rights, economic freedom, and religious freedom, and it is an issue I will fight fiercely to protect.